Considering hiring a BPO? These tips will help you.

Even if the pandemic has hurt many companies, BPO industry was presented in 2020 as a new way to keep providing service to clients due to social distancing and confinement imposed on society.
This led several companies to consider acquiring the services of a contact center, a trend that keeps growing this 2021. Although this kind of service is so wide that it may seem difficult to choose which one is best, we have included here 7 factors that have kept CallFassst growing throughout our 22 years of life:

State-of-the-art Technology

By “state-of-the-art”; we do not necessarily mean expensive or futuristic innovations, simply that equipment must be constantly updated or renewed to offer the best security measures and service experience. In the same way, check that the company you work with has the reporting and analysis tools that help your company to make more assertive decisions.


And we not only mean that it has to be a long-established company, but that it has experience serving the kind of customers that your company has and conducting training in the areas of your product or service. The experience of someone you hire, either a company or a person, is invaluable knowledge and will always save time and money.

Skilled Human Capital

Whether they only make calls or have an omnichannel service, the BPO service that your company chooses must have personnel who have the expertise, talent and vocation to constantly improve the level of service and to transfer that knowledge when training new personnel.

Opportunity of Expansion

You can change to something better at any time, but remember that there is no better BPO servic than the one that your business and your customers already know. The knowledge and experienc they have produced will be very useful, especially when your company begins to grow and conquer new markets. That is why it is important that the contact center you choose can grow at the same time as your business. Not only in terms of number of employees, but also in terms of technology and training requirements.


Certifications are the most effective way of verifying if a call center has the standards that will guarantee proper monitoring of quality processes. State-of-the-art technology and revolutionary processes may be very innovative, but all this can go downhill if a quality standard is not being followed. The best way to measure this is with certifications. For instance, at CallFasst, we have the ISO 27001: 2013 and ISO 9001: 2015 standards that build trust with our clients.

History and Stability

For how long has the company been working with the same clients? What do other customers think of that contact center? Is it financially stable? Today, reputation is one of the most important factors when choosing any service and this is no exception. At CallFasst, for example, we have worked with one of our clients for more than 20 years, forming a duo that has nurtured both sides and made us ideal strategic partners.


Maybe one of the reasons why you are looking for a BPO is for matter of savings, since, by hiring it, you avoid heavy investments in infrastructure, technology and training. Without a doubt, the economic factor will always be key even if it does not come on this list. However, we believe that once you evaluate all the other factors that we have already mentioned, choosing the best price will be easier for you. And remember that at CallFasst you will find the best cost-benefit!

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