Call center services and advertising campaigns..

Advertising industry has been quick to learn about the benefits of contac centers. CallFasst is perfect for advertising purposes because they allow companies to sell products and services over the phone, without ever having to speak to a customer.

This is profitable for companies because it saves them the time and money it would take to have an in-house employee speaking with every customer.

Our services work with the companies to quickly identify consumer needs and desires, allowing them to develop new products that better meet the needs of their consumers.

Researching or implementing product changes though traditional avenues can be time-consuming and expensive, whereas CallFasst provides instant results at a minimal cost..

Benefits of hiring Contact Center Services

Automated campaigns

Automated campaigns are more economical. They can be auto-generated text messages, emails or audio for payment reminders.


Payment is based on the schedule you want and the staff you require.

Dedicated staff

The staff is dedicated exclusively to the client's campaign, specializing in information about your products and services.

Customized reports & software integrations

The service includes customized reports to monitor the success of the campaigns.

Security and confidentiality

CallFasst has the appropriate certifications to ensure information security.

Looking to outsource your Business Processes?

In terms of experience, operations size and versatility, CallFasst services are on par with the best international call centers.

If you are interested in BPO or looking for new service providers, contact us.

A perfect fit for your business

If you require experienced outsourcing services that also deliver the results you are looking for, contact us. We are your best option for advertising.

By having a dedicated team of customer service agents, businesses can improve their customer satisfaction ratings, which, in turn, can lead to more sales and better word-of-mouth marketing.

Additionally, CallFasst can help businesses to track and respond to customer feedback and identify potential clients.

Customer service representatives can help troubleshoot any problems that customers are having with products or services.

Telemarketing is an effective way for businesses to reach new customers, bring in repeat business, and increase sales. With the growth of technology, digital marketing has become more prevalent than ever before.

However, not all people are tech-savvy or use their phones constantly like they would computers. That’s why many companies choose to increase their digital marketing through the telemarketing services such as CallFasst.

Get to know our services

These are some of our specialized services in the advertising industry that will exceed your expectations:

  • brand recognition across social media
  • customer retention
  • data collection
  • email support
  • first awareness
  • IVR
  • lead generation
  • live chat
  • market surveys
  • mobile shopping
  • on-going customer support
  • order processing
  • product recall support
  • reinforce image
  • self-service

Meet all the services that CallFasst can offer you to make of your business the most complete of the industry, we help you with campaigns and telemarketing, as well as many other services that will be an excellent boost.

Our specialists will feel like a true extension of your company.

Your customers become our customers, and we will provide them with the professionalism, dedication and knowledge they would expect of you.

Our team take your very own training course and are ready to pass the knowledge to future recruits.