Call center solutions and services for the IT industry.

In accordance with the growing needs of human beings, Internet has led to the creation of a large number of technological devices to improve or simplify daily activities inside and outside people’s homes.

In the same way, at CallFasst we have not limited ourselves to offer contact center services, but we have been taking advantage of the use of technology to provide an increasingly high level of customer service through new channels. In fact, staying up-to-date on development and innovation is what has kept us within the industry.

Technology & Innovation are in our DNA

Being part of an IT company ourselves, we know exactly how to solve our client's needs.

Benefits of hiring Contact Center Services

Automated campaigns

Automated campaigns are more economical. They can be auto-generated text messages, emails or audio for payment reminders.


Payment is based on the schedule you want and the staff you require.

Dedicated staff

The staff is dedicated exclusively to the client's campaign, specializing in information about your products and services.

Customized reports & software integrations

The service includes customized reports to monitor the success of the campaigns.

Security and confidentiality

CallFasst has the appropriate certifications to ensure information security.

Looking to outsource your Business Processes?

In terms of experience, operations size and versatility, CallFasst services are on par with the best international call centers.

If you are interested in BPO or looking for new service providers, contact us.

The fast innovation of products and services increases the expectations of customers and consumers, particularly in the case of the technology industry. Therefore, through our services, we represent a growth in sales and customer service, as well as a reduction in costs to position companies within the market, including the Spanish-speaking market.

A perfect fit for your business

Publicizing your product or service through CallFasst telemarketing is something that can save you time, as well as a great investment for your business. At CallFasst we are professionals when it comes to offering telemarketing services as we have all the necessary tools; our collaborators are trained to offer products and services through our different channels at the times that our clients require.

The need for a team that provides technical support to consumers in the IT industry is clear. At CallFasst our team can be the voice that guides and helps your consumers to always have the best experience.

Technical advice is key in the IT industry, since there can always be doubts or inconveniences in the facilities or damage and not everyone is an expert in tech gadgets. Hence the need to consider the technical support that CallFasst is capable of providing either in English for users in the United States of America or Canada, or in Spanish for Spain or Latin America. Our consultants are fully bilingual, which will make the user experience much easier.

By having multi-channel means of contact with users, we can ensure a total and completely personalized customer service experience. It will be as if you were talking to them. Our advantage is that we have services to provide specific attention, where there is no loss of information from a user or client. Our strategies are reflected in our work as a contact center, as we always seek to offer a customer service experience that satisfies the user instead of generating annoyance or many more doubts than they had at first. In this way, we have also focused on offering customer support for each technology company and its users, as we have technological platforms that allow us to provide excellent customer management for personalized attention.

Even in accounts receivable issues, it is necessary to have professionals who can connect with your users, in this way we offer real solutions and do not generate customer losses.

Get to know our services

Among the services we offer as a multichannel contact center that focuses on the IT industry, you can find the following:

  • account set-up, verification, and maintenance
  • daily customer inquiries and issues
  • hardware and software installations
  • inbound sales
  • incident tracking and case management
  • order fulfillment
  • password resets
  • product upgrades and replacements
  • remote desktop support
  • retention programs
  • troubleshooting
  • warranty/subscription sales
  • website navigation

Do not hesitate, request our services to grow your industry, we specialize in services for the IT industry, our innovation keeps us at the forefront and will do the same for your company, request your quote today.

Our specialists will feel like a true extension of your company.

Your customers become our customers, and we will provide them with the professionalism, dedication and knowledge they would expect of you.

Our team take your very own training course and are ready to pass the knowledge to future recruits.