Technical Support & Helpdesk

Expand your in-house team at a fraction of the cost and improve your client’s experience.

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  • Personal Approach

  • Effective Support Tools

  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • KPI Report

  • Flexible & Scalable Plans


Both your client’s data and your own, are safe with us. CallFasst complies with industry best-practices to ensure confidentiality.​

Certified Management System

Why Choose CallFasst?

There are multiple benefits to outsourced technical support services.

CallFasst provides outsourced support for all tiers, with national or international range.

Focus on your Core Business

We'll help you increase your customer satisfaction while ensuring optimal accessibility and 24/7 coverage.

Improved Adaptability

We work focused on the specific needs of your business and our operation can change accordingly.

Qualified Personnel

We currently have more than 2,000 trained collaborators.

Affordable Pricing

According to hours covered (by volume and schedule) and workstations needed (starting at 5).

Multichannel Support

When customers contact your tech support they are already unhappy, so our priority is to provide effective and thoughtful assistance, aiming for first call resolutions whenever possible.

Improve your client's experience and overall satisfaction with a multichannel customer support strategy.

Voice Call Support


SMS Communication

Chat Support

Social Media

Automated campaigns

Our integration roadmap takes 3 weeks on average, including all integrations with your systems.

Our main Quality Indicators:


We provide real solutions on each call.

AHT (Average Handle Time)

We strive to provide solutions in the shortest time possible.

Connection and use:

We strive to provide solutions in the shortest time possible.

No calls dropped

We reduce the overall percentage of abandoned calls.

Top Service Level

We aim to answer the biggest amount of customers within schedule.

Our specialists will feel like a true extension of your company.

Your customers become our customers, and we will provide them with the professionalism, dedication and knowledge they would expect of you.

Our team take your very own training course and are ready to pass the knowledge to future recruits.