Bilingual contact center services for the travel industry.

The travel and hospitality industry is a massive part of the world's economy. There are many companies in the industry, which include hotels, rental cars, flight carriers, etc. In order to keep up with demand and provide excellent customer service, these companies use call centers for their customer service needs.

Travelers come from all over the world so there is a wide range of cultures to take into account when providing services to them. Some people may speak English as a second language and others may be uncomfortable with that, which is why the hospitality companies use call centers to help them.

Great benefits at a very low cost

A great benefit of using CallFasst is that we have the technology and tools to help hospitality companies to manage their customer service better. CallFasst can track all the interactions between customers and employees so that any problems or compliments can be dealt with in a timely manner.

The benefits of using call center services are many, but some of the most important ones are that they have a wide range of language capabilities, they have the latest technology and tools, and they keep detailed records of customers.

Benefits of hiring Contact Center Services

Automated campaigns

Automated campaigns are more economical. They can be auto-generated text messages, emails or audio for payment reminders.


Payment is based on the schedule you want and the staff you require.

Dedicated staff

The staff is dedicated exclusively to the client's campaign, specializing in information about your products and services.

Customized reports & software integrations

The service includes customized reports to monitor the success of the campaigns.

Security and confidentiality

CallFasst has the appropriate certifications to ensure information security.

Looking to outsource your Customer Support or Sales Processes?

In terms of experience, operations size and versatility, CallFasst services are on par with the best international call centers.

If you are interested in BPO or looking for new service providers, contact us.

A perfect fit for your business

Businesses in the travel and hospitality industry rely on accurate, up-to-date information from their call center services to complete their work. CallFasst can assist companies with answering questions from customers more quickly and provide better service overall.

By having a dedicated team of customer service representatives available to answer inquiries and handle customer complaints, businesses in this industry can improve their image and ensure that customers are satisfied with their experience.

Additionally, CallFasst offers a range of services that go beyond just support. Services such as sales, reservations and lead generation can be extremely beneficial for businesses looking to increase their customer base or grow their market share.

Get to know our services

  • after hours service
  • airlines
  • all-inclusive vacations
  • baggage claim services
  • book rooms
  • book trips
  • boost loyalty
  • cancellations
  • change plans
  • check status in loyalty programs
  • concierge services
  • customer assist chatbots
  • customer service calls
  • customizable guest experiences
  • emails
  • encourage customers to purchase additional amenities
  • explanation of benefits/program changes
  • fraud control
  • front desk
  • general hotel inquiries
  • handle cancelations
  • hotels
  • hunt for deals
  • live chats
  • loyalty point/mile redemptions
  • matches between individual preferences and availability
  • membership enrollments
  • mention monitoring in social media
  • off-site receptionist
  • on demand hospitality
  • on the go messages
  • one-time promotions
  • online booking companies
  • payment processing
  • program account management
  • questions, concerns and comments
  • rebooking
  • refund processing
  • rental companies
  • resorts
  • secure reservations
  • social media outlets
  • streamlined support
  • surveys
  • timeshare
  • transaction information
  • transmit guests
  • travel agencies
  • travel fares & ticketing
  • update existing reservations
  • virtual travel consultant

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