Standards that allow us to guarantee quality and safety.

All companies offer to do their best in order to achieve customer satisfaction. However, in such a competitive market, action speaks louder than words: evidence is required to certify that this effort is translated into facts. We know this at CallFasst, so we have been working to guarantee the quality and safety of our services. This time we share with you what have we done in order to obtain two of our certifications from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

A strive for quality

While in a small business, like a restaurant or flower shop, product quality can be instantly felt or tested, there are certain companies where it is more difficult to measure with the naked eye. How to measure this value in its entirety in a huge enterprise that serves hundreds of thousands of people daily?

At CallFasst, satisfaction of both our direct client and their consumers, the cost-benefit relationship, the management and service processes, competitiveness, sales valuation as well as the effectiveness of our service are some of the factors that we consider to define the quality of our business. We constantly measure these factors and they are part of our certified ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System.

This standard is not only the most requested ISO, it has also become one of the quality standards par excellence in companies. Today, more than a million have this certification and many more keep trying.

A sign of trust

Although ISO 9001 is based on generic requirements and applicable to any company, it implies identifying the particular processes of each one, as well as the interactions between them to adopt a management that allows the identification and formalization of the Quality Management System. It is based on the fact that the client is the center from which the quality of the company’s product or service is measured, so they are not prescriptive, allowing the use of any tool that helps to ensure that the mandatory requirements of the standard are met.

It is also a standard open to continuous quality improvement and must be constantly measured in order to be recertified through periodic internal audits.

Having this certification not only allows us to provide confidence to our clients and greater satisfaction for both them and their clients, but it also makes our company’s processes more efficient, enhances internal communication and even helps to improve the use of economic resources.

Ensuring the safety of data

Information is one of the greatest assets that a company has, especially in an era where technology allows user data to be much more robust, complex and variable: the so-called big data. Conventional technologies were not able to obtain or manage all this flow of information that states a lot about users and is becoming bigger. Companies are aware of this and hence the general concern to safeguard that information.

This standard establishes the requirements and actions necessary for an effective implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) for companies. According to its portal, its primary objectives are to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information. To obtain this standard, we had to follow a series of phases that allowed us to reinforce, among many other things, a risk assessment that allowed us to redefine the scope of this standard to restructure the measures that should be taken.

Thanks to the ISO 27001 standard, we can guarantee our clients a safe handling of the information that they and their clients provide us, as well as an adequate risk management that encompasses people, processes and IT systems.

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