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Improve your business by hiring a BPO Contact Center

1.   Customer experience improvement

Until a few years ago, it was believed that the best way to win customers was to offer them the best product or service.

Well, that has changed.

Today, customer experience has become number one priority for 45.9% of companies, ahead of price and product quality. This is not just a trend, currently 75% of American consumers have stated that customer experience is a determining factor in their purchase decision.

Within customer experience, efficiency and friendly service are the main values for which people are willing to pay more. Even consumers of premium products and services are willing to give much more money to companies that choose to place that factor ahead.

A contact center is precisely one of the best opportunities a business can have to provide that experience, since most of the time that is the first link a brand has with its customers.

The customized attention of a well-trained team of consultants can meet the needs of consumers quickly, efficiently and with quality even if the product or service did not provide a good experience. This can avoid a potential loss of customers, and then, improve corporate image.

2. It helps you know what people want

New technologies applied in contact centers help companies to know more accurately and quicker what their customers are asking for. But beware: just because there are new forms of artificial intelligence that does not mean that they will replace humans. A PWC study showed that 75% of people surveyed around the world say they would prefer to interact with “real” people even if science advances.

There is an interesting question regarding customer information. The same PWC study indicated that 43% of U.S. consumers would not give companies permission to collect their personal data (such as age, city of residence, lifestyle or purchase history) in order to provide more personalized shopping experiences. Nevertheless, 63% would be willing to do so in exchange for truly valuable customer service.

3. Build loyalty

We’ve mentioned before in this blog that keeping customers is much easier and cheaper for most companies than finding new ones. Hence, loyalty-building strategies can be much more important for marketing. Curiously, many of them neglect this point, even though people are increasingly loyal to brands that consistently provide exceptional value with the least amount of friction or discomfort.

A great example is Apple: their products may be a lot more expensive than their competitors, but, in addition to being easy to use, they focus on providing the best customer service in their industry. That has earned them a large and loyal following. They invest a lot of money in it, but so far it has been extremely profitable. Not surprisingly, just increasing customer retention by 5% increases a business’ profits by 25% to 95%.

While deciding on a product or service based on price and quality is a rational act, loyalty is emotional and instinctive. However, to achieve it, concrete and reasoned actions must be taken. On the one hand, marketing strategies must be oriented to figures and tactics, on the other hand, customer service must also have an emotional focus.

Contact centers are key to achieving this, as they can be the best way to meet and exceed customer expectations and thus generate the most valuable thing there can be, not only towards a company, but among any human being: trust. In fact, this value is the one that 83% of consumers define as the main reason to be loyal to a brand.

It is also important to remember that 84% of B2B decision-makers begin the purchasing process by asking acquaintances for recommendations, so loyal customers can be extremely valuable at this point.

A contact center can help you to track and analyze customer cases, create databases and use all this in order to improve your strategies.

4. Reduce operating costs

If after reading the three previous features you still think that a contact center is an expense rather than an investment, keep in mind that it can help you reduce operating costs, especially if you decide to use a third party company to perform this task. At CallFasst, for example, we have our own specialized infrastructure to provide different types of services tailored to each of our business partners. We have years of experience providing metrics and services that can help our clients make the best corporate decisions.

Whether you are a medium-sized company that does not have the capacity to respond to every call or message from your customers, or a large company that would struggle with the costs and management of advertising, recruiting, training and technological innovation that a large customer care center requires, the best option is to hire, for as long as necessary, a company that has become an expert on these four features.


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