nearshoring for contact center services

Nearshoring is an excellent opportunity that will boost both sides

Efficiency and quality are key factors for the success of a company that needs to provide customer service, and contact center services play a fundamental role in this area as well as in the management of business operations. On the other hand, nearshoring is a strategy of outsourcing services to a country that is relatively close to the distance or time zone of the hiring company, offering benefits such as cultural proximity, reduced logistics costs, and improved communication. The best thing is that there are better and better news about the benefits of this modality and they are the ones we will mention on this occasion.

Increase of Nearshoring in Latin America

The Latin part of our continent has become an increasingly attractive nearshoring destination for the contact center services required in the rest of the Americas. Countries such as Mexico, Colombia, and Peru offer a combination of time zones, highly trained personnel, and competitive costs. This allows companies to establish call centers close to their customer base, which improves communication and reduces the language barrier.

Mexico, in particular, has become an increasingly prominent nearshoring destination for the United States and Canada. According to a report in El Economista, Mexico will once again break records in the development of industrial buildings due to nearshoring. Another report in the same newspaper indicates that the Ministry of Finance is providing tax incentives for foreign companies wishing to locate anywhere in Mexico.

Mexico offers a unique combination of geographic proximity (in fact, Nuevo León is the state with the most nearshoring investment in our country), competitive costs, and a highly skilled labor force. Transnational companies such as Nestlé believe that Mexico is at its best moment to attract nearshoring investment and are opting to establish headquarters in Mexico to take advantage of the expertise of its talented workforce.

Focus on Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction remains a top priority, and current trends in nearshoring for contact center services reflect this.

Today’s U.S. and Canadian consumers use a variety of channels to communicate with businesses, from phone calls to online chat and social media. On the one hand, companies in charge of creating communication solutions that improve the customer experience, such as Avaya, are looking to Mexico, along with Argentina, to be their main centers of excellence in the region via nearshoring. On the other hand, contact center services contracted in countries such as India have been starting to be replaced by others in Latin America that have the same know-how and allow them to have fluid communication and better management of customer interactions with the additional benefits that nearshoring offers.

According to a Forbes article: “Technology companies […] employ tens of thousands of people through call centers in the United States. But recently, due to many factors including a talent shortage in the U.S., Mexico could become a strategic option for them”.

Data Security and Compliance

With an increasing focus on data protection and compliance, companies are looking for nearshoring partners to ensure customer information security. Current trends include implementing advanced security measures and complying with regulations such as ISO 27000.

Operational agility is essential in an ever-changing business environment. Companies are looking for nearshoring partners that offer solutions that enable companies to grow and adjust to market demands.

Current trends in nearshoring for contact center services are transforming the way companies manage customer care and business operations. If you are considering nearshoring to improve your contact center services, it is critical to keep up with the trends and partner with nearshoring experts.

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