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Fallin’ in love with your brand.

Love is not only in the relationships between people but also with their brands; in the same way that couples flirt with each other so that one of them can take the first step and, if all goes well, start a relationship, companies carry out this “courtship” in a context where good communication, attention to each other and details are also key to win over in the long term.

Of course, instead of chocolates, flowers and engagement rings, the relationship between brands and customers is based on other factors. However, at a conceptual level, it’s all about the same rules: trust, be there when they need you, communicate constantly, don’t cheat, be detailed, among others. This time we will share with you our suggestions on how to do it:

Know what your customers want NOW

Remember that the main reason businesses fail is because they assume that there is a demand where there (already) isn’t or isn’t being met correctly.

The best example was provided by the survey conducted by Bain and Company, where 80% of the companies interviewed claimed to provide an excellent customer experience, which contrasted with the version of the customers, who considered that only 8% of the brands provided a service at that level. It’s time to listen again, see how their needs have changed or how they require you to meet them… and get to work.

Build trust

Some people believe that a bouquet of flowers forgives everything. If in relationships this may work in some cases, in business it does not work that way. A mistake or dissatisfaction can cost the breakup of the client-company relationship. To prevent this from happening, build trust: if a problem arises, give immediate attention and explain how you will deal with the situation. Create a system that not only makes them feel that you care, but also provides them with security. Trust is a value that is always fundamental, but during this pandemic, it is even more appreciated by consumers.

Jason Frinkelstein, CMO at Gladly, says we expect to see an increasing emphasis on the customer experience and cultivating a human connection even in virtual environments. Although AI and the use of chatbots increased in 2022, people is still looking for human interactions in order to build trust.

Pay attention to the details… of data.

Special mention for feedback: as we mentioned earlier, it is vital to listen to what your customers want. This data will help you create the buyer persona that left this new commercial era.

Data will also help you to provide personalized attention, which will be very important to make your customers fall in love with you. This year, artificial intelligence and machine learning will provide companies and customers with options that will independently solve many processes in an intelligent and agile way, but above all, in a personalized way.

Loyalty in prosperity and adversity

Companies have been in a fierce struggle to acquire new customers; in fact, the key is to keep the ones they already have. It is not only a matter of retaining them, but of really winning them over, that is to say, that the commitment to stay comes from them.

If the product or service meets their needs, they will choose that brand over the competition, but they might change it when they find a cheaper one or one that gives them the smallest detail. However, a loyal customer will love your brand so much that they will even recommend it among others.

Building customer loyalty is the first step and several of the points we discuss in this blog can help you achieve it, but the most important is to maintain that loyalty over time. Loyal customers don’t like to see that what they have always paid 100% for now has a special discount for new buyers. One solution to this is loyalty programs, ranging from free samples to the well-known points programs.

It is very important that you build a communication channel that allows you to keep in touch with your customers so that you can let them know what you offer and validate the points we have given you: know what they are looking for, give them confidence and give them personalized attention based on the information you can obtain and measure.

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